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Election 2019 has further powered the already strong leadership of Narendra Modi

Mandate 2019 has challenged caste- based identity for the first time in 30 years, since the Mandal Commission’s report to give job reservations to the OBCs came into effect in 1990.

On May 23, 2019, Nehru-Gandhi Yuga ended and Modi Yug began

India is changing. This election has shown that caste matters much less now than in the coalition years of 1989 to 2014. This is why the gathbandhan in UP proved to be less successful than its partner parties had hoped.

New look Cabinet: Some familiar faces in Modi Cabinet might be missing in his second innings

Incidentally, the only three Cabinet ministers on the dais when Narendra Modi was felicitated at the BJP office were Rajnath Singh, J P Nadda and Thawarchand Gehlot.

There are and will be differences among the party-contenders for the right to govern India

The results of Election 2019 cannot be regarded as a decisive choice of one vision over the others. Even more true, religion can never trump language or culture.

No revival of that old order: The idea of India in which there are privileges and not rights is dead

The past five years have been difficult for India’s ruling elite. High officials, famous writers, editors of English newspapers, celebrated TV anchors, heirs of political dynasties, leftists and liberals have found their importance diminish by the day.

Failure after debacle

Yet another poor showing by the Congress. Yet again, no accountability, no turning the searchlight within?

Honey I shrunk our car! Why micro-mobility could ride into India

Micro-mobility is inclusive and human in its truest sense - a variety of vehicles with varying degrees of riding difficulties and protective gears, make the idea suitable for everyone, not just for the fit and fearless.

This election was about past record of Modi government and expected performance

The stage has been well and truly set for the next generation of economic reforms. There is no going bacK and the people believe Modi and trust Modi to deliver. That is why this election was about the delivery, and promise, of the Modi government.

Raja Mandala: In his second term, Modi must deal with turbulence unleashed by Trump’s challenge to global trading order

Modi needs to take a strategic view of India’s foreign trade, purposefully explore the possibilities for give and take with the US, and seize on the rearrangement of global production chains in the wake of the US-China trade war. No other set of issues will shape India’s future global trajectory more than a pragmatic reorientation of India’s trade strategy and the reformation of its negotiating structures.

Sample surveys are important to validate administrative databases

The report shows the importance of sample surveys to validate administrative databases and the need to restrain the tendency to be overly confident on administrative data — be it EPFO data or MCA-21 data — without adequate scrutiny of the processes that generate the databases.

It is time India and Pakistan address Kashmir, restore bilateral relations

Now is the time for PM Modi to add another “victory” to his electoral triumph: Get Pakistan to allow bilateral free trade including cross-border investment. Of course Imran Khan will have to play ball by delaying the “peace talks” on Kashmir as “normalisation” with India proceeds.

How UP was conquered: BJP victory validates electoral mobilisation based on emotional appeals, patriotism

Flagship schemes and Modi’s personality did play their role, certainly. But the delinking of economic realities and political performance raises the thought that there is more to it than government performance and individual leadership.