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A parent’s review: Preteens enjoyed Aladdin’s fast-talking genie

The pre-teenage lot enjoyed the film, particularly the chase and escape sequences; and Genie's fast talking style. Older children thought Genie was trying too hard to be cool, and found Ali fumbling at trying to impress Jasmine the funniest part of the movie.

Summer vacation: 12 children’s books for kids to read these holidays

Summer vacation: Get your kids to spend their holidays reading these children's books by Indian authors to open up their world of imagination.

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: Know more about India’s first PM with these children’s books

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: Get your child to read these books on India's first prime minister.

Counselling can help in understanding and resolving family conflicts

A family therapist tries to create a safe space for each individual to express their thoughts and emotions, helping them understand each other’s needs and equipping the family with better problem solving and communication skills.

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: How the former PM showered love upon kids

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: It was a long and winding road that took the child born at Anand Bhawan to his last steps as the Indian Prime Minister at Teen Murti Bhawan. It was not an easy journey.

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: When the former PM played Holi in a foreign land and more fun tales

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: In 1958, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru spent a night in Rangoon, Burma en route to the Bandung Conference. The next day was Holi. He said he wanted to show the hosts how we played Holi in India.

How to keep your child’s stomach cool in summers

How to cool stomach heat: Avoid heavy meals as the digestive system becomes sensitive during summer. It is best to eat smaller meals at shorter intervals as it goes easy on the digestive system and keeps one from feeling hungry as well.

Happy Birthday Karan Johar: 5 quotes by the single dad on raising kids Yash and Roohi

Karan Johar Birthday: On Karan Johar's 47th birthday, here are some quotes by the celeb dad on raising twins Yash and Roohi as a single parent.

5 things to know about eco-friendly reusable cloth diapers

Advanced cloth diapers are entirely washable and reusable. The washing routine is like that of other clothes, using an ordinary detergent. After rinsing off poo into the toilet with a water spray, it is just like any other laundry.

‘Influenza vaccine is essential for tackling child mortality, health of pregnant women in India’

"Since 2010, we have witnessed in India severe outbreaks of influenza. The latest was in northern India, in Delhi, Kashmir and a couple of other areas, in the beginning of the year. Almost every year over the past four years in India, we have had outbreaks of flu."

How turtles are different from tortoises and other facts

It is quite easy to tell them apart just by looking at their limbs from a distance. Turtles have webbed feet and tortoises have firm, rounded feet.

How to deal with back pain after childbirth

Postpartum back pain: Severe back pain affects almost one-third of all the new mothers which reduces their quality of life. Some mothers experience radiating pain in their right leg, which is known medically as postpartum sciatica.